November 12-14, 2018
Las Vegas, Nevada, Hooters Hotel

SEO Keeps Changing And So Do Our Methods

We Don't Tell THE WORLD Our Proven Tests


BUT, We DO Tell Each Other!

Yep.. It's a Club.. Called Friends on the Inside And Yes, It's Not Fair... (But You Can Join Us)

All Successful Business Owners Have One Thing In Common

A Friend On The Inside To Show Them The Ropes. This Is Your Opportunity To Make Those Friends In The SEO World. The SEO "brain power" that will be in the room is like NOTHING you have experienced.

the agenda

/VIP Day November 12th
Event Day 1 November 13th
Event Day 2 November 14th

Day 1: SEO Rockstars Main Event Day 1

November 13th
9:00am The State of SEO - SEO is always changing and Dori is going to get you up to speed by going through a bit of the past and end with where we are now including pulling segments of recent test results. Dori Fiend
  Learn How Kyle Dominated A SEO Contest With His On-Page Strategies - Kyle will teach you how he made such a dramatic rise in rankings for an incredibly competitive keyword (Rhinoplasty Plano) using mostly FAKE content (lorem ipsum) in a contest with 27 other professional SEOs. In fact, he even achieved #1 in Maps. He will teach you what he did that had such profound applicability so you can do the same for your business. Kyle Roof
  Group Event: Ranking Competition - What some inside knowledge? This is where you will learn the real tricks of the pros and how to apply them to your business. Everyone will be divided up into groups to start planning their SEO strategy. No holds barred here. Don’t worry if you are new to SEO or are just building, you’ll be in a working group with others and learn along the way. Let The Competition Begin! Group Event
  On-Page Mastery - Many people swear that Clint’s advanced SEO tactics are true weapons of mass destruction - to your competition. Clint will give you the best tactics that you don’t know and no one else will talk about. This is a must see presentation. Clint Butler
12:00 PM Lunch - HotSeat Audits - It's time to get in the HotSeat and let the experts help you with your toughest ranking issues. Consider this the best working lunch you'll ever attend.

Panel - RANKING WITHOUT LINKS - Best Strategies

  Why Correlation Is Proving To Be Very Valuable - Ted goes in depth on correlations and why he has been able to predict Google’s updates before they happen. He’ll help you understand algorithm updates, learn from whole niches, and acquiring SEO clients with passive content. Ted Kubaitis
  Group Event: Ranking Competition - Continue Working In Your Group Group Effort
  Ready to have your mind blown? Patrick is the evil genius that shows you how to shortcut one of the most important aspects of SEO. Not only will his presentation save you hours of work, it will also take away guesswork by leveraging sites such as wikipedia. No one is talking about this or doing it outside his group! Oh, and just for being live at SEORockstars, he is giving you a personal API to the tool that will make this process fast and easy. Patrick Tuttle
05:00 PM Mixer - Want to party in the international suite? Patrick is hosting a mixer to relax, mingle, drink and be merry. Everyone

Day 2: SEO Rockstars Main Event Day 2

November 14th
09:00 AM Learn How To Find, Present and Close Clients - As Lisa says, it’s all about the buildup and you will learn how she is able to easily land 3,000 - $50,000 a month clients. Follow her proven strategies to grow your agency or SEO business. Lisa Parziale
  Ninja Tricks and Hacks to grow your SEO traffic in 2018! - Vaibhav is into SAAS products for SEO and Marketing and has 700 current SEO active clients in the outsourcing agency he owns so you know this will be good! Vaibhav Kakkar
  Group Event: Ranking Competition - Continue Working In Your Group Group Effort
  Using Google To Rank - Terry is the undisputed King of using Google 's own properties to rank clients. You may have heard about G-sites and cloud stacking, but you've never heard about them like this before. Discover Terry's ninja tricks to uncover the easiest ways to rank with little to no investment. Terry Power
  Group Event: Ranking Competition - Continue Working In Your Group Group Effort
12:00 PM Lunch - HotSeat Audits - It's time to get in the HotSeat and let the experts help you with your toughest ranking issues. Consider this the best working lunch you'll ever attend.
  SEO Tools & Tactics - White, Grey and Black -Simon will show you some of the widely used mainstream tools in the Industry and some of the less widely used tools. He will disclose some of the secret tools many S.I.A. members use some tools that are rarely talked about or even known about that can have a dramatic impact on your SEO efforts. He will pull back the curtain and show you the tools and techniques he uses in his agency and has bribed some of the S.I.A. members into disclosing there Secret SEO Tool Stacks. Simon White
  Ranking Competition Results - Each group will tell-all about what they did to rank their site. Take notes because this is no holds barred and you will learn the true behind the scenes tactics that everyone is using. We will also reveal where they landed in the SERPs and who the 1st place PRIZE goes to.
06:00 PM PARTY TIME! Everyone

PRE-DAY: Speaker/VIP Day

November 12th - the day before the main event
  • Think Tank and Networking with Dori and the Speakers.
  • AKA- rubbing shoulders with the Best of the Best in the industry.
  • This day is NOT recorded.
  • Full day of networking, brainstorming, shenanigans, food and full cocktail glasses (or wine or beer glasses)
  • The past 5 years I’ve done this AFTER the event but this year we are breaking the ice and cutting to the chase early so we all have more time to network with each other.
Come with me on our speaker day activities, rub shoulders, eat meals, & drink cocktails with the best of the best in this industry. THIS is the absolute BEST opportunity to network, make the relationships that SEORockstar's is known for. (aka call a buddy up and say WTF and they understand what you are talking about!) LOL ; )


● 1 Ticket to the Main Event November 13th and 14th, and..
● 1 Ticket to the VIP Speaker Day on November 12th, 2018

Why you need to be there:

Hands down, I recommend everyone to always grab a chance to do the “VIP” time. It is the intimate type of events where you can forge the TRUE relationships. Of course, during the main event there will be time to network, but I’m making it super easy for everyone!

Most VIP opportunities offer a dinner or an evening happy hour networking event. To me - that is not enough time. Not only is it not enough time, but unless you are the most outgoing person in the world, it’s hard to get to know a lot of people during a dinner or a cocktail party without seeming obnoxious.

So, I am going all out here and making this day a blast, so you can make sure you can talk to whomever you want to and enjoy your day!

What to Expect:

● An ENTIRE day with the Speakers and VIPs.
● We will start with food and drinks and then proceed to have fun all day

Bottom Line, You Get

● 1 Ticket to the Main Event November 13th and 14th, and..
● 1 Ticket to the VIP Speaker Day on November 12th, 2018

Which includes...

● Hanging out with me (Dori) and all of the Speakers (Hello, connections)
● Hanging out with other VIP’s (Hello, connections and golden nuggets)
● Food and Drinks throughout the day (Hello, Ice Breakers and Fuel)
● Lots of Magic! (Hello Priceless)



Event Over


  • Join Us Live: 2 FULL-DAYS of Main SEO Rockstars Event on November 13th and 14th

vip package $1,995

Event Over


  • 2 FULL-DAYS of Main SEO Rockstars Event on November 13th and 14th
  • The Networking Mastermind Day with the Speakers on November 12th

Live Stream $495

Event Over


  • Live Stream Our Event From Home: 2 FULL-DAYS of Main SEO Rockstars Event on November 13th and 14th

The entire event is 100% NO Pitch!

It is 100% jam packed with SEO Knowledge Bombs. You will hear things you have never heard about before. We will be busting SEO myths and delivering SEO Test results and Case Studies that will only be shared at the event.

the speakers

I pride myself on seeking out and wrangling the "underground ninjas" that are out there doing some really amazing things but don't leave their bat caves much. I love luring them out and having them share all of their goodies. I don't believe in having big "gurus" at events that I know hold back on the good stuff. And let's face it, the big names don't really "do" SEO anymore anyway so they can save their sales pitches for another event.

It gives me great pride to see so many of the past SEO Rockstars that are out there now, doing some really amazing things. I love finding them and helping give them a little bit of fame. (And getting all of their tips and tricks out of them before they are too cool to share it all.)

On top of everything you will learn SEO-wise, you will also walk away:

  • Inspired
  • Fired up
  • With New Friends
  • New business partners (I love hearing about all of the deals and connections that are made at the events)
  • And ready to kick ass and take names!
  • With a bout of Confidence from your new knowledge that you probably have not felt in a long time.

But also let me intervene here for one minute. This is not one of those ordinary “feel good” events. I do not hire or ask any speakers to come and share their “story” with you for 45 minutes and then give you 5 minutes of content. Nor do I hire celebrities to come and boost anyones self esteem or to pose for selfie’s. There are places and times for those types of events, but this is for people that want to hear all about SEO!

It truly is one of the highlights of the year for me and it is sure to be one for you as well.


Dori Friend - Dori pioneered the SEO personal blog network and Google algorithm reverse engineering technologies, creating and releasing software tools and education products to manage both. She has owned, developed and utilized over 22,000 websites in her own networks. If you want to rank and convert then Dori just might be a great person to know :-).

She recently married the partner of her dreams. When they are not hanging out at the ranch with their 11 horses, 7 dogs, Harley the Pig and Lucy the Goat you might catch them traveling the world or bump into them at a tech conference.

Kyle Roof - Kyle is an SEO researcher and analyst. Tired of SEO based on opinion and unorganized experimentation on live sites, Kyle began developing techniques that apply analytical reasoning and scientific methods in an effort to find SEO that actually works.

This means he knows his shit.

The testing principles that Kyle has developed started with a Bachelor’s in Psychology focusing on experiments and research and continuing through the rigors of earning a Juris Doctorate from The Pennsylvania State University. In the pursuit of test based SEO, Kyle has developed a keyword strength algorithm, an on page optimization rate, and a WordPress SEO plugin.

Kyle is an avid world traveler, living in South Korea for five years. When Kyle isn’t developing SEO tests, he spends time with his family in Phoenix, Arizona.

Clint Butler - As a Digital Marketing & SEO specialist, Clint has educated hundreds of Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Agency owners, and Business Professionals on how to get REAL results from SEO, social media marketing, and video marketing. He has been quoted as a topic expert in major publications and other digital marketing websites.

Lisa Parziale - Co-Founder, Portside Marketing, LLC,, & With over 30 years as a technology expert, trainer, online developer and Internet marketer, Lisa co-founded Portside Marketing as a way to exit Corporate America. Lisa, along with her business partner, built their business to over $40,000 in recurring monthly revenue in less than 18 months, all while still holding a full-time position at another company. They went on to quickly move into a 7-figure model and now have their sights on 8-figures. Lisa also founded the Sales & Strategy Mastermind for SEO’s at,, &

Lisa is head of sales and business development for all of her various companies and works with business owners and startups to achieve exponential growth and success, focusing on marketing, business acumen, process improvements, and company culture. Lisa is also a best-selling author and renown speaker.

Ted Kubaitis - Ted has over 22 years of web development and online marketing experience.

Ted will be showing how he does Competitive Analysis on steroids and consistently shocks people with his knowledge gained from his Automatic SEO Correlation software and how FAST he can determine the best SEO ranking factors in any niche! Plug in any keyword and Ted can tell what it takes to rank in a few minutes.

Vaibhav Kakkar - 700 Current SEO Clients

Creator of RankWatch- an SAAS SEO software with 1000's of paying customers. Has successfully excited an SEO Agency- (SEO Next now called Digital Next)

Proud SEO Moment: Moving his sites from 2k daily visitors to 100k daily visitors

Simon White - The founder, Simon White, is a 17 year Veteran of the Corporate High Tech World. He has worked for Nokia Mobile Phones, Fujitsu Corporation, Hughes Network System, SiliconWave (a Bluetooth pioneer bought by Qualcomm), Innocomm Wireless (a Bluetooth and WiMax/4G company acquired by National Semiconductor), and Quorum Systems ( a 3G cellular company acquired by Spreadtrum Communications of China). Simon worked as both and engineer and technical marketing manager.

12 Years ago Simon let the corporate rat rat to join the exciting world of working for himself. Initially Simon built a few website for his new venture of Investing in real estate, then was asked to do it for a few others, well you know the rest…. A website does not get traffic without SEO,PPC etc so Simon set about learning SEO. Back in 2006/7 ranking was a lot easier, spamming links worked like gangbusters not so much today 2018. Simon attended his first SEO Rockstars event back in 2012, then did re attend until 2017 (bad mistake).Simon joined forces with another agency in 2016 and since then they have grown together and have clients in many different niches. There clients range in size from small 2 or 3 man operations all the way up companies with revenues in excess of 2 Billion Dollars.

Terry Power - Terry has been online since the last century, getting his first two certifications in 1994, one as a Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) and as a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP). Up until the turn of the century he coded websites and sold information products, but as the number of domains grew, he began focusing on SEO, especially for local clients around the country.

Lately, Terry spends much of his time combining automation and tools in new ways trying to multiply their power, all the while remaining friendly with the Google overlords. He enjoys sharing that knowledge with members of his fast growing private group.

Jason Wright - Jason is a keynote speaker who has spoken at conferences and events across the country including SEO Rockstar’s as the local master. He has been successful at dominating local business rankings for dental practices, law firms, auto repair shops, beauty salons, and more!

Patrick Tuttle - Patrick Tuttle has spent his life owning and marketing his own insurance and mortgage companies the last for 45 years. After his Mortgage business crashed in 08, he reinvented himself, by using the marketing knowledge he used for his own companies, into becoming an Internet marketer and software builder, (his ideas and others build them)

In 09, he help develop Web Marketing Concepts which was a pioneer in the Mass page building software at that time. At the same time his company was the backend of a few MLM companies and helped them to experience exponential growth.

Since then he has been in the background building tools, with his team, and in the last few years has concentrated on how to use Google to beat Google. He is the co-owner of The Ranking Factory, Content Factory, Traffic Factory, SEO GMB Factory, Wonder Silo and developer of many never seen before tools designed to help his over 1200 members in his various Skype and Facebook Groups.

Listen to Massively Tested, Proven SEO
Results Found NOWHERE ELSE!


Dear SEO Extraordinaire,

Let's be real...theory is bullshit.

I admit I love hearing the "science" of SEO... listening to Google conspiracy theories... and the latest search engine gossip sucks me in more than an episode of Orange is the New Black...

But I don't base my rankings around the theory & gossip and I certainly don't base my business around it... because in the end, it's all worthless.

I only base my SEO strategy on what is tested and proven!

Since 2011 when Panda started smashing up and eating web businesses, it's been a SEO blood bath, but unlike thousands of people who left SEO, or the dozen of guru's that have popped up since then, my buddies and I have made it through and are STILL HERE. And..


And the only thing I can tell you is that you have GOT to test because I can honestly say that my buddies and I are on the "bleeding" edge of it AND have documented data that goes against everything that Google tells us! Crazy stuff! (and I know, right? Google not telling us the truth?) CRAZY, CRAZY STUFF! So we know..


to get the absolute latest SEO trends and "Recipes" while spending a close intimate weekend with me (Dori) and some of my super genius SEO buddies.

I’ve been to TONs of events and the small events always serve me best for TRUE nitty gritty learning. Being swallowed up in a sea of hundreds of people is NOT what SEO Rockstars is about.

  • We keep it small for a reason.
  • It is a true community and you WILL meet some amazing people!
  • There are no "cliques".
  • You will feel welcome and at home.
  • And you will feel free to walk up and talk to anyone. Really.

(It is hard to describe but once you have been to an SEO Rockstars event you will “get it” and say "oh yeah Dori DID say it would feel like this; no snooty people allowed.")

For me personally some of the most important people I've met in this business have come from live events and I know for a fact I would not be where I am today without attending all of those events.

This is your one chance to come aboard as I tell you..

Do NOT Listen To Google
(They're Lying)
Do NOT Listen To Google's Gurus!
(They're Teaching You Stuff that's NOT TRUE!)


Over the years I’ve watched people come to my event without a “big name” and seen them go on to grow in ways that usually just are unheard of. Some of them are now “gurus”, if that was what they wanted, and for those that didnt want to be gurus, I’ve watched their business go from a few clients to having to TURN away clients.

Something seems to happen after people attend SEO Rockstars. I want you to listen to two peoples' stories so I can quit talking about how awesome it is.

Most Importantly


Being around other SEO’ers, learning from them and listening to them will give you a boost of excitement and a huge boost confidence! And a boost of “OK, I’m normal” too, LOL.

I have a lot of you that have followed me for quite some time (and I am quite the hermit) but I want you to be at this years event; I want to meet YOU!

SEO can be a lonely world and if it were not for all of the people I have met at the past four SEO Rockstar events, well I really would not have near as many people to talk to.

Over the years I’ve watched people come to my event without a “big name” and seen them go on to grow in ways that usually just are unheard of. Some of them are now “gurus”, if that was what they wanted, and for those that didnt want to be gurus, I’ve watched their business go from a few clients to having to TURN away clients.

Grab your tickets and I’ll see you soon!

Get Your Ticket


Dori Friend

7 years, I can hardly believe it!

Each year I say I am not doing it again, as it is a lot of money and hard work to put on a purely PITCH-free event, but every single year I start hearing from people checking in to see when they can buy their early bird tickets and convincing me that I HAVE to do it!